The Crooks and Castles brand started in 2002 and main focus was all about supporting the villain in everyday life, from movies, to comic's... etc. Being influence by the streets of L.A. during the 80's and 90's the founders of Crooks and Castles, Dennis Calvero and Emil Soriano, were crooks themselves. They found another life style they got consumpt by, which was the streetwear movement. They went towards learning the end's and out of the business, by starting Crooks and Castles. Using their knowledge of what they believed to be the way to becoming multi-billionared they portrayed their ideas through their clothing line. The concept of Crooks and Castles is, "Crooks are the criminals, pimps, hustlers, thieves, etc. and the Castles were those who got rich by becoming a crook." That's referencing people such as Rockefeller, Cardnegie, Vanderbilts, and Bill Gates that stop at nothing to become multi-billionares, or Castles. Because other brands, such as Gucci, were geared towards the rich and famous of the world, Crooks and Castles brand flipped it and catered it towards the everyday person, the Crooks of the world. Using other brand ideas and giving it their own twist, Crooks and Castles is the new driving force of the streetwear movement.